Finance Monthly - M&A Awards 2022

Finance Monthly M&A Awards 2022. GERMANY 19 Michael Kohlhase Managing Director Dr. Kohlhase asset management company Ltd “Our roots lie in the field of interestbearing investments and form the focus of our daily work.” About Michael Kohlhase Dr. Kohlhase Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH has been serving private and institutional clients on the subject of asset management for over 40 years. Our roots lie in the field of interest-bearing investments and form the focus of our daily work. Through the DKO funds, we implement our strategies in the bond sector. An equity fund of funds and an asset management fund round off the range. The NESTOR funds cover promising themes/ segments in the equity sector. Here we work together with external fund managers who are distinguished by sound specialist knowledge in the respective area. With these two product lines, we have a high-performance fund offering in the securities sector that is accessible to a broad audience. Our current favourite funds are: DKO-Aktien Global (DF); Equity-fund of funds; LU0138410633; EUR DKO-Renten Spezial; Corporates Investment-Grade and Sub-Investment-Grade; LU0386792104; EUR NESTOR Australia -B-; Equity Australia; LU014778119; EUR

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