The Finance Monthly M&A Awards 2021

F i nance Month l y M&A Awards 2021 - 29 - - FINLAND - About Juha Karttunen Juha has over 30 years of in- vestment banking and M&A experience. He started his ca- reer in Union Bank of Finland in 1989 and has worked at Mandatum & Co from its in- ception in 1992, during 1999- 2003 as its CEO. Afterwards Juha acted as the Chairman and CEO of Aventum Partners Oy in 2003-2012. His invest- ment banking experience is one of the most extensive in Finland, having advised in over 150 M&A transactions for both international groups and small Finnish companies across vari- ous industries. Juha has also advised companies in capital market and financing transac- tions including IPO’s and Public Takeovers. Juha is a member in Helsinki Takeover Board and he has been a member of the working group drafting the current takeover recommen- dation. Juha holds an M.Sc. (Econ.) degree and CEFA (EF- FAS, Hanken). Mergers & Acquisitions Adviser of the Year Firm Profile Sisu Partners is an independent corporate finance advisory firm founded by three well-known & experienced corporate financiers. We provide advisory services in full range of transactions, including M&A, debt and equity financing and special situations for businesses, private investors, lenders, government agencies, private individuals and families. Sisu Partners helps clients identify and pursue strategic alternatives and devise strategies to enhance shareholder value. We advise on all aspects of buy-side and sell-side M&A – from domestic transactions to smaller complex deals as well as large cross-border transactions. We don’t shy away from complexity or challenging assignments. Whether it’s for inbound public takeovers, distressed M&A or cross-border deals, we are ready for the challenge. Sisu’s team consists of some of the most seasoned M&A professionals in Finland. Based on the team’s wealth of experience, Sisu successfully engages across the full range of M&A advisory roles: Sisu advises clients contemplating the sale of their businesses, assets, or their entire company by evaluating and recommending financial and strategic alternatives with respect to the transaction at hand. The services include e.g. the development of the appropriate design for the sale process, advice on specific issues driving valuation, as well as the preparation of an information memorandum and other relevant process documentation. We also identify and contact potential buyers and assist in negotiating and closing the sale. Leveraging our experience, independence and lack of conflicts, we have a strong track record in sell-side advisory roles. Acting for public or private companies, or selling shareholders, we can operate at the heart of any process, assist in negotiations and give conflict-free and objective advice on the bids received. We are a member of Advior International, an international network of leading corporate finance advisory companies. Advior complements our cross-border transaction offering by bringing in additional international industry expertise and key relationships. Advior further helps sellers to identify potential strategic buyers or investors and to approach them in the appropriate manner in order to negotiate the transaction while taking into account the customs and regulations of the respective country. Sisu has also developed a “Serial-Seller” product for corporate customers wishing to adjust their business portfolio to changes in company strategy by means of several consecutive disposals. Juha Karttunen Sisu Partners

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