The Finance Monthly M&A Awards 2021

F i nance Month l y M&A Awards 2021 - 31 - - FRANCE - What makes us different • Stringent standard and high level of execution • Complete independence, guaranteeing the absence of any conflict of interest • A team with a solid track record, guaranteeing a deep understanding of deal-related issues and technical responses • Regional presence, national coverage and an international network • Entrepreneurs dedicated to advising other entrepreneurs M&A impact Our world and our societies are undergoing profound change. The social and human impact of the technological upheavals underway, health and food concerns, the climate and ecological emergency, all these major issues challenge us. New development models are being put in place where they are yet to be imagined. The circular economy aims to replace the linear economy, micro-credit, social and solidarity economy, responsible consumption and sharing economy now structure the way of producing, selling and buying with the idea that we do not can no longer ignore what is happening on the other side of the planet. Individually, many people choose to act in their privacy in a socially responsible manner. These personal convictions very often impact their professional environment. Collectively, more and more companies are now realizing that finding solutions for the common good must become a priority. They have understood that they must change their practices and are constantly acting in this direction to improve their societal impact. Investment professionals are also mobilizing with “ impact investing ”. The search for profit is no longer the only goal. The investment must also generate a positive environmental and social impact. Attention is therefore also paid to qualitative criteria. This form of investment goes beyond taking ESG criteria (the current benchmark) into account, to give them an importance equivalent to the expected financial return. Adviso Partners has chosen to be at the forefront of this movement. These developments have therefore led us to rethink our modes of production, consumption and work. From this journey emerged the idea that Aviso could be ready to support customers who have or who wish to commit their company to the service of these environmental and societal challenges. About Bertrand Thimonier An entrepreneur dedicated to advising other entrepreneurs, Bertrand THIMONIER is the Chairman and Founder of ADVISO PARTNERS, which he established in 2015. He started his career at the Agriculture Division (which became the Agri-Food Division) of CRÉDIT AGRICOLE SA. Passionate about business, entrepreneurs, and their development projects, he joined the private equity division of CAISSE RÉGIONALE DU NORD-EST in 2000. In 2003, he brought his experience to SODICA CORPORATE FINANCE, which allowed him to develop his dual vision as a financial investor and M&A advisor. Year after year, Bertrand and his team receive awards at the M&A Grand Prix ceremony, presented by Le Magazine des Affaires. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Bertrand decided to create ADVISO PARTNERS to share the experience of his clients, owner- managers of SMEs. Fully-involved and committed, Bertrand opened five ADVISO PARTNERS offices throughout France, and has recruited the best young talent to support him in the growth of the business. Bertrand THIMONIER is a graduate of IAE and ESSEC Business School.

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