The Finance Monthly M&A Awards 2021

F i nance Month l y M&A Awards 2021 - GERMANY - - 33 - Many experts focus on specific issues of an M&A transaction. By contrast, ARTHOS Corporate Finance provides holistic solutions for success with M&A 360°. With this in mind, we keep an eye on the entire transaction for the client. Regardless of whether the aim is, for instance, to optimise the purchase price, reduce the liability risk, accelerate timing until closing or secure company sites. Buy-side Advisory For M&A acquisition projects, we attach with our 360° approach great importance to advising clients right from devising an M&A strategy. To increase the probability of success, this strategy should not only match a client’s plans for growth but should also work for a sufficiently large number of potential target companies. At the beginning of a project, we develop concrete search profiles for target companies in workshops. Our industry expertise – complemented by access to the best databases on the market – allows us to identify the most suitable companies. The way we approach target companies is also to a client’s advantage. We enthuse potential partners for the client’s business expansion idea and initiate talks. This allows us to set up comparable alternatives and provides the client the opportunity to evaluate them economically for their decision. In the negotiation and due diligence phase, our strengths are the structuring of the transaction, the negotiation of attractive terms and the focus on integration during due diligence. Sell-side Advisory Our range of services also follows the 360° approach for company sales. In the early phase, we work intensively with our customers on topics such as buyer comparison analyses or economic measures to optimise purchase prices. This allows our clients to start the sales process well prepared and with a clear vision. Then we identify prospective buyers for the client’s company based on our industry knowledge, corporate databases and our international M&A colleagues in 40 countries. ARTHOS knows the internal processes of many potential buyers, can line them up time-wise and thus build up momentum to successfully complete the M&A project. In the sales process, we do not only advise the client strategically, but also actively support them during the implementation of various tasks, such as setting up a virtual data room. In addition, we ensure very good results for our clients in the negotiation phase thanks to our know-how and expertise. About Arne Tödt Arne Tödt (MBA and Legum Master of Laws in M&A) has more than 25 years’ experience in M&A and corporate finance advisory. He has been responsible for more than 50 corporate and capital market transactions to date, especially in the TMT sector. Arne Tödt completed his banking trainee program at the Deutsch-Südamerikanische Bank AG in Hamburg. In addition, he obtained a degree in business administration at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt, and a legal postgraduate degree (Legum Master of Laws, LL.M.) at the Westfälische Wilhelms University in Münster. Prior to founding ARTHOS in 2003, Arne Tödt worked in investment banking at Lehman Brothers in London and Commerzbank in Frankfurt. During this time, he advised medium-sized and international corporate clients concerning a variety of M&A and capital market transactions. From 2014 till 2018, Arne Tödt has been a board member of the Alliance of Corporate Advisors (AICA), of which he has been chairman from 2016 till 2018. He is also an active member of the association M&A Alumni Deutschland e.V., in which more than 300 M&A experts from financial, legal, tax and accounting professions exchange information about current M&A topics from both a scientific and business perspective.

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