Finance Monthly - M&A Awards 2022

35 Firm Profile We are a cross-cultural team of corporate and M&A lawyers. We are also one of the strongest Sino-European teams in China. Our team includes dedicated talents with reliable backgrounds in different sectors, from legal to finance and from negotiation to technology. Each member of our team is familiar with cross-border transactions. We work as a bi-cultural team to provide efficient solutions to manage complex transactions in a changing legal and business environment. Our DNA A legal reference I Our firm has received multiple awards for its cross-border activities. We are one of the best teams of M&A and corporate lawyers based in China. Our team is composed of talented Chinese and internationally qualified attorneys. Our firm is one of the few which has been approved by the Ministry of Justice in China. Bi-cultural with international standards I Each lawyer at Leaf is familiar with M&A cross-border transactions. We established a bicultural team to provide our clients with several angles to view each problem. This bi-cultural approach is a unique experience that will allow our team to efficiently help complex cross-border negotiations with several foreign elements. We are used to providing efficient solutions to manage complex transactions in a changing legal and business environment. In addition, we help partners to reach common understanding and vision. Ecosystem of High-value services I We are providing solutions that are tailor-made and generated from our experience in project management. Our experience and expertise allow us to help our clients to understand the legal implications of doing business in China. As we have observed that a financial expertise is often required in our transactions, we have created a Corporate Finance department which can help our clients not only in their deal preparation but also in their business management. Overall, our unique advantage is based on the quality and efficiency of the ecosystem and high-value services we offer. We have trusted advisors recognized in their field of expertise such as cybersecurity issues, complex negotiations and angel financing. CROSS BORDER TRANSACTIONS FIRM OF THE YEAR Finance Monthly M&A Awards 2022. CHINA Leaf Legal

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