The Finance Monthly M&A Awards 2021

F i nance Month l y M&A Awards 2021 - 53 - - UNITED KINGDOM - propositions, we believe we are well placed to continue building our business without compromising the level of service for which we have become known. We know we continue to meet our clients’ expectations following a survey carried out in 2019, which demonstrated, not just excellent client satisfaction scores, but that we are leaders in our market when it comes to client success. This, coupled with our focus on client engagement particularly for the next generation, has translated into successful business performance. Offering a bespoke wealth management service requires a high degree of trust in the first instance. Granted, trust takes time to build but as a relationship blossoms so trust grows. However, this can only work where a personalised service is offered and proactive client contact is a key performance indicator. As a firm that focusses on offering a bespoke service when we say we run bespoke portfolios we really mean that. We do not run model portfolios and don’t have prescriptive buy or sell lists for equities or funds. That said, we do have a centralised research function that offers macro advice, stock and fund selections to help our investment managers in their investment decision making process. When we start to build a portfolio for a private client we start with a blank sheet of paper. We work with the client to determine their investment goals and once established we will explore any special requests. These often include the exclusion of certain sectors and increasingly extend to the inclusion of certain sectors such as renewable energy. The outstanding client satisfaction scores that we have consistently achieved are testament to the personal service that we resolutely maintain. Our mantra is to look after the clients and the business will look after itself. Our focus on the next generation, coupled with building a brand presence and increased client engagement has resulted in a steady increase in the number of clients, which will stand us in good stead as we look to build a sustainable business that lasts for manymore generations to come.

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