Finance Monthly - M&A Awards 2022

Finance Monthly M&A Awards 2022. BRAZ I L About Felipe Manara Felipe Manara is a Brazilian businessman, who has been working in the M&A/Corporate Finance Advisory field for the last ten years, being responsible for more than U$3bi dollars deals with Venture Capital firms, funds and family offices. Felipe holds a B.A. from the University of Brasilia and is specialized in M&A. São Paulostate born, but Brasília raised, Manara as he is known, has always believed in the potential of the entrepreneurs and companies from an almost new-born economy, such as Brasília`s one. In 2017, Manara who is passionate about high-performance teams and financial modelling, decided to embody Seneca and Marcus Aurelius lessons to found Stoic Capital - a cutting-edge Corporate Finance and M&A advisory firm located in Brasília, capital city of Brazil, but with nationwide coverage. Stoic was founded to democratize access to the best financial tools and practices available to middle market companies from the Brazilian Midwest, so they would be able to improve their impact in the economy and grow their operations in a sustainable way – beyond the frontier of the state. And for the past five years, Manara has served as a Managing Partner of Stoic Capital, leading the firm strategy and growth from a two-persons team into the leading M&A/Corporate Finance firm in the Midwest. Manara continues to believe in the vision of empowering great companies to enable their potential of making a lasting impact in the Brazilian business ecosystem, without losing their purpose, with sharp vision and responsibility. Manara also serves as a Board Member for several companies such as Grupo R2 – the third largest entertainment group of Brazil and the biggest zerowaste event of the world and Magnolia Holding – the biggest chain of stationery of Brazil with almost 100 stores and others. Firm Profile Stoic Capital was founded in 2017 with the main mission of democratizing the access of the best financial tools and practices for the Midwest companies - once this area of Brazil was poorly served in the M&A/Corporate Finance Advisory field. Since their foundation, in 2017, Stoic grew at least 100% every year - with a highlight mention to the pandemic period when Stoic reported a 400% growth rate in 2021. This was the result of a strategy of seeking Business and Deals opportunities of mergers and acquisitions in a down market. Being responsible for two major mergers of once competitors into new companies that were able to keep growing, even in a country in recession. Stoic has already served more than 17 states from the 27 that compounds Brazil nationwide, and has advised companies from the US, Angola and Portugal in a go-tomarket strategies to start operations in Brazil or in finding the right asset to invest or combine their operations with. In Brazil, the firm was responsible for advising more than 350 companies in the past 5 years. The Stoic work philosophy is based on building a long-term relationship with their clients and partners, creating value while seeking for the best path for each business. This work philosophy enabled Stoic to have multiple deals with multiple clients, totalizing more than U$1bn on transactions. The Corporate Finance Advisory arm, led by Alan Nogales – partner since 2019, is responsible for supporting the biggest companies and groups of the Midwest market in understanding and potentializing their performance and impacting through financial strategies and models. Crafted by a specialized team of consultants, the Business Plans, Financial Models and Valuations projects are often recognized as a turning point into the client’s business journey. On the other hand, the M&A arm is responsible for accelerating and leveraging their clients’ strategies, potential and impact through an aligned-interests practice that seeks to understand the best path for each case. Led by Artur Schutte – partner since 2021, the M&A arm is always focused in shaping a lasting and long-term deal that fits both clients and market’s needs. Stoic believes in the power of culture, people and transparency - their culture is highly recognized as a competitive advantage. The 20+ people team are daily exposed to the stoicism philosophy which grounds the values of the firm and are encouraged to work and act guided by six main values: transparency; responsibility, empathy, impact, we walk the talk and excellence. Being a company that values people, Stoic works on a partnership model where all employees can become partners eventually. All the partners were part of the partnership program. Nowadays, the main services that Stoic offers to the market are: Business Plan Valuation, Financial Modelling, Fundraising, M&A, Buy Side, Sell Side and Advisory. For 2023, Stoic has begun work on a restructuring process in order to be able to impact even more companies, markets and people in a sustainable way - decentralizing the management of the company and invest in new talents to create more autonomous teams. The firm also started an investment and venture capital arm - Stoic Ventures, which holds stake in seven companies from the entertainment, F&B and tech sectors – all focused primarily on B2C models. 2023 is expected to be a tough year to the M&A Industry in Brazil, but Stoic will continue to invest in long-term relationships with their team, their clients and their ecosystem. 55

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