Finance Monthly - M&A Awards 2022

67 About Ahmed Saud Hamzah Ghouth Ahmed Ghouth began his career in 1999 in corporate banking, Islamic finance, asset management, real estate investment, and private equity investment. Prior to his appointment in his current position with Alkhabeer Capital as CEO, he was the Managing Director of Corporate Banking and Structured Finance, where he made key contributions in establishing and executing a number of lending, real estate investment and private equity investment deals. He also serves as a board member on several private and public funds managed by Alkhabeer. Ahmed holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia. Firm Profile Alkhabeer Capital is an asset manager specialized in investments and financial services providing innovative world-class investment products and solutions to institutions, family groups and individual investors. The Company’s Shari’a-compliant business activities are distinguished by executional vigor and a profound understanding of clients’ needs and risk profiles. Alkhabeer Capital is recognized as the company of choice for sourcing Shari’ah-compliant products and solutions through its insightful approach to creating partnerships with clients for sourcing and investing in attractive investment opportunities. The Company has developed distinctive values to strengthen such partnerships, and endeavors to invest its capital to maximize its value proposition to shareholders and clients. This is supported by a high-caliber team of professionals with diverse expertise and extensive experience. We have grown from a small advisory service provider to a leading Saudi investment management firm by consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations. In 2004, a committed team of banking professionals formed an advisory firm to develop Shari’a-compliant structured products for financial institutions, and to provide advisory and placement services to corporates, covering both debt and equity transactions. By 2006, the Jeddah-based firm – which was known as Alkhabeer Financial Advisors (Alkhabeer means “expert” in Arabic) – was engaged by a majority of Saudi banks to develop investment products for them, and had received a large number of investment banking mandates. With a growing list of clients attracted by the firm’s innovation, professionalism and results, Alkhabeer Financial Advisors expanded the scope of its activities to reach a larger client base in Saudi Arabia, the wider MENA region, and other international markets. In 2007, the firm approached some of Saudi Arabia’s most respected businessmen and family groups in a private placement that raised SR 813 million (US$ 217 million). Finance Monthly M&A Awards 2022. SAUDI ARAB IA CORPORATE FINANCE ADVISER OF THE YEAR CEO, Alkhabeer Capital Ahmed Saud Hamzah Ghouth Ahmed Saud Hamzah Ghouth W:

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