The Finance Monthly M&A Awards 2021

F i nance Month l y M&A Awards 2021 - 43 - - NETHERLANDS - Valuation & Appraisal Advisory Firm of the Year Firm Profile BFI was founded in 2016 with the aim to act independently in complex and high-profile valuations, investigations, and disputes. Jan Adriaanse and Marc Broekema founded BFI with the intent of supporting shareholders, corporate leaders, legal advisors, and courts of law in an environment where a client-first approach, high quality and independence are the core values. This ethos remains at the core of our firm and has guided us in serving clients around the globe who fully trust us to represent their interests. In 2018 and 2021, former Duff & Phelps Managing Directors Jan Jaap Snel and Alexander Bregonje joined BFI as partner. Our valuation services go beyond the numbers. Obviously, we master valuation theories and techniques to the finest detail yet recognize the importance of bringing in multi-disciplinary expertise such us strategic, industry, and behavioural-science knowledge to create a strong and defendable valuation narrative. We support shareholders, investors, corporate leaders, and their legal teams in complex valuation issues related to their dispute or act as expert witness appointed by a court of law. Our valuation approach differs from standard valuation services as senior involvement is always guaranteed. We are fully independent, and we are not afraid to take a substantiated stand in your interest. We take pride in making the difference when your economic interests are at stake. Disputes concerning the value of a business or other financial interests are frequently unavoidable. The accurate assessment and motivation of the value as well as the quantum of damages in legal matters often depend on independent and top-notch valuation and financial advice. BFI acts in litigation proceedings and arbitrations in national courts as well as in international courts and arbitration committees such as the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), the International Criminal Court (ICC), and the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA). We are a member of the Dutch Institute of Certified Valuators (NiRV), the European Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (EACVA), and the Dutch National Register of Expert Witnesses (LRGD). BFI Areas of Expertise BFI areas of expertise are: • Quantum of damages • Dispute and forensic valuation • Fairness opinions • Second opinions • Equity and asset valuation • Cause investigation • Financial reporting valuation Track Record BFI is mainly involved in cases of the highest confidentiality and operates frequently in the shadow of clients’ disputes or litigations. Although the majority of the cases involved cannot be disclosed by name, clients choose BFI for their distinct advice. We have gained the trust of many types of clients to safeguard their interests when: • Independent valuation advice was required, being appointed as expert witness on behalf of several courts and law firms in different jurisdictions, • Determining the quantum of damages was required for shareholders of different kinds of businesses like financial institutions being a member of national and international expert committees, • Assets and businesses were transferred to other jurisdictions whereby shareholders and tax authorities required clarity on the fair value, • Determining the fair value of portfolio companies of different private equity funds was needed, • Foreign companies and individual shareholders wanted to ensure that the fair value of the target company in the Netherlands was correct before acquiring it. In addition to its valuation and disputes services practice, BFI also works for administrators when the causes of complex bankruptcies and other business failures should be investigated. Based on its self- developed Business Failure Drift model, BFI conducts holistic research to the causes.

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